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Numatic International Ltd (Founded as Numatic Engineering Limited) is a British manufacturer, primarily producing domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance equipment for distribution worldwide. It is one of the major producers of vacuum cleaners in the United Kingdom and is best known for producing the popular and iconic Henry domestic vacuum cleaner and its related models, whic


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Factory Operator (Former Employee) says

"Management are bullies across the board. No confidentiality, no support, problems not dealt with. Really is an awful place to work, makes you feel like you can’t leave because money is quite good on continental shifts.Shift pattern has been changed for the worse, giving you less free time in between shifts!Definitely management favourites who can get away with all sorts, final warnings after final warnings but mean nothing. Equality does not exist in this company!! Fairly good moneyAwful management, never know where you stand, too many favourites"

Customer Care Centre Representative (Former Employee) says

"I started in a new department called the Customer Engagement Team which essentially involved all aspects of Account Management for accounts that spent less than 10k in x amount of years. The job then changed as the manager himself seemed to change his mind constantly and the job changed to be mainly order processing. The manager of the Customer Care Centre unfortunately has very poor skills in maintaining any direction, within a few months I had moved desks 5 times which sounds petty but confirms how little direction the customer care centre has. It can be a very sour environment at times while managers/supervisors bad mouth people behind their backs and there is a very bad culture of injustice with how people are treated differently, most employees within the team are very unhappy due to the poor management. during my short time at the company I produced the best sales ph record however was dismissed during my probation as i had 2 occasions of sickness in 2019 (both certified by the doctor) and informed I had had to much time off (INCLUDING HOLIDAY) I will be seeking legal advice as I believe I have been at the end of discrimination for reasons I will not post on here but a word of warning for anyone thinking of applying. decent money and hours but if you want stability and leadership then stay well clear and do not make the same mistake I did.Half day fridayManagement, working environment"

Operative worker (Former Employee) says

"Numatics certainly do not care about there employees. Watched so many people get sacked for such trivial things just because management didn't like them. The company is all about who you know and not about how well you do your job.Good Pay.Long hours, awful management, don't resolve problems just sack you."

Sales Team (Current Employee) says

"Day to day, you don't know if you will be part of the same team or even sat at the same desk as multi-skilling is pushed and expected. There is no incentive to encourage or praise the extra work or even the risk of moving teams. Management goes through phases of micro-managing to then providing no support, there is no in-between. The Sales Teams are over-worked and can feel like each team is played against one another causing rifts with colleagues unnecessarily. All of these reasons make the job uncomfortable daily.Half day on Friday's (for the time being)Management Structure"

Electrical Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, Treat hard workers like numbers, No oversight, Poor organisation meaning workers are unnessercerially expected to go above and beyond with no recognition. Onestep agency running a monopoly alongside the company with tons of false promises and even more manipulation."

prodution operative (Former Employee) says

"On the whole my best experience of working there was the people that I worked with on the shop floor. Supervisors and management don't have a clue what they are doing, the only way to get anywhere in the place is to have your best mate in a higher position so they can give you privileges. Drugs are rife in the whole place as I have witnessed leading hands and supervisors supplying and dealing on the premises, yet when a complaint was made nothing was done about it. A complete boys club jobGood pay, and met some really good peoplrun by idiots"

Assembler/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Seems the longer you can stick it out, the more complacent and lazy you become. Don't bother trying to advance through hard work, unless you've got mates higher up, you have no chance.good payheirarchy"

Factory Operative (Current Employee) says

"used to be a great place to work but now its like the whole spirit of the place has been sucked out of it .the moral amongst the workers is to say the least minimal .its not a pleasant work evviromemt"

Line Operative (Former Employee) says

"Very fast paced with high pressure placed on everybody. Tense environment. A few decent people but majority keep to themselves. Unable to understand some people as there are many nationalities and some people have very basic EnglishVery stressful, unsociable hours. Communication issues"

Production Operative (Former Employee) says

"so when i worked on the production line is was all about hitting the numbers and making sure you kept the production going, it was a fast pace environment."

Debtors Controller (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work: Busy I have learnt how to work on Sage Pastel Evolution I have no comments regarding management I have no comments regarding the culture There is no hard part about my job1 Hour lunch timeNo Cons"

Administrateur réseaux (Former Employee) says

"Beaucoup de matériels informatique, un plaisir lors de l'évolution des équipements, quelques problèmes pour l'installation des caméras de vidéo surveillance et des autorisations, en dehors de cela, employés agréable dans l'ensemble."

factory operative (Former Employee) says

"the work given was satisfactory however at times management was poor. Each day was set on the factory line where work was given to us on separate job tasks. i learned to communicate with supervisors and other employees confidently, where it was vital in order to surpass work standards. My co-workers were also summer students, which made it much simpler to relax and work with pressure. The hardest part of the job was dealing with faults or errors within the factory which caused issues when finishing jobs. The most enjoyable part was the relaxed, calm environment that all employees displayed.salary/communicationmanagement at times"